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I started in 1990, with underground party round Bristol, Wealls. Then in 1991, I dj for the biggest illegal rave ever in the UK, it is called Castle Morton, I was there for 2 weeks solid after that I moved onto obsession and many Oldschool events bk in the day up 94, went round block for a bit. Doing Pure x , dance planet . Local club called druids you then I met up with Fallout DJ ratty Ed Grove LSD.

After 1995, up to 1998 did. Dreamscape . Skelter. . Universe fibre optic then had Kids like u do took time out for 6 years. Then went bk in to it. With different style now . Started producing music in 1999. .by 2004 I was doing tekno. Round south coast 2010 was dark times up to 2012, but then I found myself again now I'm a dj for best rave in the UK like Fusion. Pandemonium the trip HBC Harry Shotta DJ RushGroove . So it just keeps on goiing cos I love my tunes it all about vibes peace unity One Love plus I want to bring back old school