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Maurizio Santi, AKA Dj Santi. Born in an island of the Mediterranean, Sardinia. As a child loves to play vinyls and his portable record player, which blocks several times in an attempt to sound three 7 "at the same time. In 1975, to nine years, with the opening of free radio in Italy: decide who was to become a DJ, but being too small, he will have to wait another 5 years, in 1980 builds with a friend, his first FM transmitter and creates his first pirate radio. it follows another over the years, until in 1983 officially joined the staff of a commercial radio since then he has not stopped working with local radio, regional, national and international, working as a sound engineer, DJ, Speaker, a & R, and journalist for several magazines. since February 2016, is part of the large Mix Family hit Radio, with Mastermix program broadcast every Saturday from 10:00 Am. He loves technology, but jealously guards its turntable and 10000 vinyls used during dlle his evenings in the dancefloor of the island.

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