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FuglyUcker, member of Stouned Playazz. Since 2002 I'm constantly taking adventure with mixing of electronic music. Did some gigs back in my country that gathered fans of edm (Shivers 2008, 2009, 2010, and couple of smaller gigs where local scene played together). Years ago I used to play trance and similiar genres and now I'm focused on Liquid DnB music. Music in my opinion has to be connected with your inside feelings, with heart and soul, with almost every aspect of your life and it must be as heartbeat is for your flesh. Something that is needed most. And remember - music fashion is always going away, comes to full circle at the right time, but your memories, and feelings that are closed in your special tracks are timeless. So FEEL THE MUSIC. Leave a mark. Peace
You can hear my mixes at: sensitivedj

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