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I Have a been a selector since 1998, one of my alarms for school was orbital chimes, my mum on the decks spinning the vInYl would always wake up feeling sweet and up we rise AnD get on our dancing feet me and me bro ... born to play, mums a dj, dads half the fam had a record box or two too not forgetting my grandaddy that's just a few, I Am a NiNjA Chef Junglist Tekno drum and basser on a hip hop trip Regga Ragga dancehall old skool acid house Trip all of it if i like im going to play it ........... 1998 Free party I found the magic gate Sprial tribe tecnoooo music gate open my eyes to all kinds of beats where my family grew, we are Underground sound and Twisted Manik and Restless natives Scally wags & malfeter RSNK and so many more, Now it's more STINKY PINK MISCHIEF ACME SOUNDS TWISTED HIVE IRD FARM YARD ANIMALS FUNKY MOFOS MoonshinE DEEPER SOUNDS ATOMIC SOUNDS SOUL DROP and many more in all kinds of places with many diffrent faces we pulled of some of the Fatest partys around also performed at verious Pub and club nights at THE RHYTHM FACTORY ,InSpiral Lounge camden Gargage .414 ,FuNky MoFoS,( Tarrgona spain and all around spain aNd french tek too also done a chartiy event for save the children at brixton academy tooo and that just to name a few , .many many underground raveS around uk and europe .... uP nExT fREEKUENCY 10th Anniversary fRENcH TEk 23 , NO MANS LAND AND GLASTONBURY PlAyIng in the Common WOOOOHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO