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Jak Amneziak has a voice for radio which is handy as he also has the perfect face for it. Renowned for anorak levels of music knowledge, controversial humour and each show being differnt in theme, expect the unexpected and expected in a counter-double bluff.

Name: Jak Amneziak

Height: 6'4

Weight: Who's asking?

Favourite music style: too many to mention

Favourite Artist: Picasso

Favourite Song: too many to even consider.

Music Production Debut: 2000

Mash-up Debut: 2006

DJ Debut: 2013

Online radio debut:2015

Strengths: Voice (and face for radio), encyclopedic knowledge of music and controversial humour

Weaknesses: Vegetables, Cher and optimisim

Other interesting fact: Is the ONLY DJ to have completed the triple crown in 2009.


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