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DJing started for Jason Pollard (JTEK) Back in 1995 when he got given a pair of beltdrive decks. Born in 82 he had a very musical upbringing with his dad being a drummer. With musical influences up till then being Punk,Heavy Metal,right through to Reggae and early HipHop and early Acid House/Rave. With these decks started doing regular 'discos' hah,in the local pubs, with the help of his Dads car messing about and earning a few quid.

Late 95 it all changed when he discovered 'free parties' in London..that was it!! He became a regular at many parties and realised his love for Techno, and the underground as a whole. Started spending every penny he had on records, out every week in the record shops around London. Still using his beltdrives most of the time he would spin tunes with mates and enjoy the music, as you do. After a few years of partying and making alot of new friends, and watching the great DJs Chris Liberator, Dave the drummer, Lawrie Immersion, Gizelle, to name just a few,he began playing on the Twisted sound system (thanks to Ripley for that), taking records to parties every week playing along side DJs like Parker, Kris k, Chris Redmond, Gordie, Aston Martin, to name just a few again on Underground Sound, Twisted, Freebass, Manik, and many more since.

Fast forward many parties and festivals later, still growing his record collection, he began a weekly Techno show in 2010 on Scream London radio (where the nickname jtek come from) thanks to Coldharbour Ray for that, while also putting parties on most weekends with mates 'as you do'. 

Febuary 2015 he founded with Suzanne o neill and is still growing the station with djs from all over the world, January 2016 he became a Fnoob radio resident with his 'Tea 'n' Techno Therapy' show and was a guest on the 'Butterfly effect' show. His recent gigs have been Fusion at roadmender, the Fnoob Futurist party, 2 Elemental partys, and a few free parties along the way, with other gigs lined up for the near future.
So now, still DJing at parties, and a regular on radio playing anything from all off the above genres, and more, his love has never been stronger... 
Peace Love Unity Respect.. 
Long live the Underground.. Thanks for reading ;)