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Name Daniel Shiers Born April 1991 in Southampton. 

Started Getting Interested Into Drum n Bass Around 2003-2004 But Never Intended Being A DJ. 

During 2005 to 2010 Have Been A Very Athletic In Many Sports And Used Money For Equipment In Those Sports But Still Kept Up To Date On Drum n Bass Music And Really Did Have A Passion For It Til Late 2010.

Beginning of 2011 Was A Very Hard Time For Me Financially And Had To Give Up Many Sports And Hard To Found Jobs But Met With Some Old Friends Half Way Though The Year Who Loved Drum n Bass Music And Had Their Own Turntable Set Ups And Invited To Learn The Act Of Mixing.

Learning Using Vinyl Was Hard, Timing And Matching The Beats I Found A Struggle But Carried On Regardless And Within 2 months My Friends Were Shocked How Easy I Picked The Skill Up And Till Late 2013 Kept Meeting Them To Practice once Every 2 to 3 Weeks Due To Having No Set Up Of My Own.

Just Before 2014 I Picked Up 2 Technic 1210s Off A Family Member And Had A Little Collection Of Vinyls And Already Learning More About Certain Music, Matching And Knowing Your Speeds Was Really Enjoying Myself Then Started To Think On My Dj Name.

I Couldn't Pick Between Smodger , Smodger D And Twisted D Due To My Nickname Being Smodge And People Kept Calling Me Twisted But End Up Picking Smodger D.  

2014 Was A Great Year Had No Financial Worry's, Got A Brilliant Job And Meeting Loads Of New People, Had Added More To My Collection And Before i Knew It Had Over 100 Vinyls And got A Pioneer CDJ 1000 For Birthday Which Opened Up More Possibility And More Music Due To Modern Drum n Bass Tunes Are Now Digital Releases And Continued To Improve My Skills And Learn About Music.

2015 Started Recording My Mixes As People Believed In Me And Asked Why Am I Not Doing Live Sets Or Radio So Started Reocrding My Mixes For People To Hear. Two friends Of Mine Stuart (MrMoobsie) Who Was A Dj (DJ LYCOSiDAE) and Frankie Who Never Been On The Mic Nor Stuart At The Time Started Meeting And Have Fun And Record Sets And Mix Music Together And I Really Was Starting To Challenge Myself and Frankie And Stuart Were Picking Up Their Skill Rapidly On The Mic. Kept Recording Music And Giving Cds Out And Before We Knew It People Started To Really Like Us.

From The Start Of 2016 To This Present Day I Had The Opportunity To Play At A Club In The City Of Southampton By Garry Brooks (Dj Axis) And Loved The Live Atmosphere Of Playing On A Big Set Up And In Front Of Live People And Go Introduced To The Guys That Run The DnB Cafe And Owners Of DFR (Digital Fusion Records). After This Event The Three Of Us Thought This Was Just The Beginning,  Kept Recording Our Mixes Then Stuart Message Mixhit Radio To Who Gave Us A Repsond And Enjoyed What We Had To Offer And Started Streaming To Mixhit Radio From My Home.

At This Present Moment Been Invited But By The DFR Crew To Do Another Event And Into My Thrid Week Of Mixhit Radio And The Feedback Has Been Unreal And Hopefully Will Continue To Be Apart Of The Mixhit Radio Family And Future Live Events Around Southampton.

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